Speed up your WiFi at home with WiFi SuperBoost

Speed up your WiFi at home with WiFi SuperBoost

A very high-speed Internet connection everywhere and all the time “: this is the motto of the new booster devices and mobile WiFi repeater!

If you are regularly faced with the issue of instability of your home Internet connection, you are operating in a low-signal regional coverage area, or if you are often subject to a low-level Internet network, install the WiFi SuperBoost, a WiFi booster range extender, at home.

What is a WiFi booster?

Connecting at home has become a habit, but using your mobile devices such as your phone, tablet or laptop easily and without losing speed requires having a quality connection in every corner of the house.

Unfortunately, not everyone has a powerful connection as a result of their region and does not have a constant high-speed network signal.

There are also areas that are difficult to reach by the WiFi router such as the garage, cellar or the so-called dead zones, stone or concrete walls that block the WiFi signal.

These network connection weaknesses are mainly due to radio frequency jamming that creates interference.

And this is where an innovative product and a very efficient alternative to an Internet signal amplifier comes into action: the WiFi booster.

Technology is rapidly evolving in the search for produits innovants high tech to improve the connectivity of Internet networks.

Technological innovation manufacturers and companies design different types of devices that are easy to install and use at home.

How does the WiFi booster improve and stabilize Internet connection?

A WiFi amplifier called WiFi booster or repeater, as its name suggests, amplifies the WiFi signal of your router.

In addition to extending the signal over a longer distance, it will also stabilize Internet speed.

These high-performance mini devices are the solution to enjoy a high-speed connection anywhere inside the home.

From very easy installation to a distance close to the router (not too close though), the WiFi booster will optimize network range and will be able to expand coverage to unstable areas or dead zones.

SuperBoost WiFi Repeater Amplifier: The Test

The high-tech innovation specialist speedtest.net has tested the WiFi repeater amplifier Superboost.

Interested in the best WiFi repeaters or the Mesh WiFi system, it naturally studied this smart device which it describes as one of the best on the market, among the many mini Wifi booster devices on offer.

With various accessories including the AC outlet adapter in a stylish cardboard box, the WiFi SuperBoost, an electric-powered device offers a plain white design and a black stripe.

The package leaflet attached when purchasing the product allows for quick and easy installation.

Simply plug it into a power outlet and add an RJ45 cable to your router through an Ethernet port on the side of the repeater.

WiFi SuperBoost installation
WiFi SuperBoost installation – Photo credit: technoinfogadget.com

How does WiFi SuperBoost amplify WiFi signal?

After installation, here are the different operating steps of the WiFi booster:

  • Capturing WiFi signal: Once connected to the AC power and after turning on the device, the repeater will pick up the signal emitted by your router. Indicator lights will appear on the box.

  • WiFi signal amplification: WiFi SuperBoost optimizes WiFi signal and range with new technology. It establishes the channel with a broad spectrum frequency of 2.4 GHz.

  • Sharing the signal received: Its repeater function allows an excellent signal to all smart devices, even in dead zones. The repeater has the function of taking up and returning the existing signal while amplifying it.
Wifi Repeater Super Boost operating steps
Wifi Repeater Super Boost operating steps – Photo credit: technoinfogadget.com

What are the features of WiFi SuperBoost?

With its technical advantages and unique features enumerated, one understands why WiFi SuperBoost is identified among the best WiFi network amplification devices on the market:

  • High-speed and high-range coverage to enhance wireless coverage in all WLAN networks that perfectly fit any space, from business premises to multistory buildings.

  • Excellent portability and durable material: truly space-saving and compact, this WiFi booster model is super mobile. It is made of high-quality and durable material.

  • Built-in antennas and open Ethernet ports: WiFi SuperBoost incorporates an antenna that further optimizes the range of wireless coverage. This wired model features Ethernet ports which can provide wider wireless coverage than a conventional router.

  • For multiple use and compatible with all types of devices: The WiFi SuperBoost is ideal for streaming and HD navigation as well as video gamesMultiple users will be able to connect at the same time without loss of speed, thanks to the SuperBoost mini device.


Faced with the various issues of capturing a high-performance WiFi network at home, the design of the high-end WiFi Superboost mini WLAN repeater is a real technological innovation to obtain quality Internet connection and equal speed throughout one’s home.

It is also classified as one of the best WiFi boosters currently available on the market.

The repeater function of WiFi SuperBoost ensures perfect amplification and performance of the Internet (high speed).


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