Product of the month: Key24 multifunction key tool

Product of the month: Key24 multifunction key tool

Always with meticulous attention to detail in the choice of our innovative products, we strive to share with you the technological challenges to improve your daily life.

Meeting your expectations and needs, thanks to products that develop innovative and smart technologies and offer practicality and durability, is our guiding principle!

Technologies developed regularly by innovation players, products that we select in response thereto: keep insects away by means of ultrasound with Moskito Pro, facilitate maintenance with nanotechnology, feel better with smart devices, monitor your home remotely with FamilyGuard, get optimal WiFi connection everywhere and all the time with WifiSuperboost and other multifunction gadgets such as la Key24  with multiple functions.

What are the different types of pocket multifunction tools?

For opening, screwing, measuring, cutting, tightening, uncapping, filing, grating…the ingenious design of multifunction tools offers a wide range of possibilities.

These Swiss Army knife-style products have become very popular.

They come in different compact and pocket sizes and offer different features.

You certainly know the multifunction pliers, the classic Swiss Army knife, the functional pocket key to take everywhere.

Being survival tools, they are essential for campers and cyclists, but today they are widely used by DIYers, craftsmen and technicians, among others…

The multifunction pliers

Man has always looked for an all-in-one tool, allowing him to do everything.

The multifunction pliers are a great invention that DIYers, hikers and trekkers never fail to carry in their backpacks.

This tool, as its name suggests, has several features in a single product.

Multifunction pliers – Gerber brand
Multifunction pliers – Gerber brand – Photo credit:

Inspired by the design of Swiss Army knives with its blade, the multifunction pliers consist of many other tools such as the screwdriver of different sizes, wood or metal file, shears, corkscrew and rasp.

Pocket-sized, compact and lightweight, some multifunction pliers have up to 20 foldable tools! Please note as well that some pliers are equipped with protection systems for the most dangerous tools, which is particularly the case for the Leatherman and Gerber pliers, for example.

The Swiss Army knife

It is impossible to miss the centerpiece of the multifunction tool range, none other than the world-renowned Swiss Army knife.

Major brands such as the Victorinox and Swiza Swiss Army knives are unbeatable in the robust design of this type of product.

Depending on the design of the Swiss Army knife, it can offer different features: smooth, short, long, curved or serrated blade, file, or small chisel.

A Swiss Army knife – Victorinox brand
A Swiss Army knife – Victorinox brand – Photo credit:

Multifunction pocket tool, portable mini key

The keychain and compact size often defines this portable mini key tool as a gadget, but it has largely defeated the classic Swiss Army knife.

In addition to its very functional side, it is a pocket tool that offers a durable design, thanks to its material, rust- and corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

Easy to carry everywhere, with many useful tools such as bottle opener, corkscrew, file and screwdriver, this key Swiss Army knife-type tool is essential in everyday life.

Discover the features and benefits of the Key24 multifunction key tool

This new 24-in-1 key is a bold product compared to the traditional Swiss Army knife.

Key24 is a very robust multifunction key tool ideal for outdoor activities such as boarding, adventure and rescue operations.

Whether you are a cyclist, outdoor explorer, craftsman, or just doing chores around the house, it will provide you with many services.

With an intuitive 24-functions-in-one design, it is the perfect gift for a birthday celebrant, handyman or adventurer at heart.

Key24, the multifunction pocket key tool
Key24, the multifunction pocket key tool – Photo credit:

The Key24 multifunction tool offers excellent performance and useful features in everyday life and for leisure purposes:

  • Key24 is a 24-in-1 multifunction tool key and has a perfect combination of tools like bottle opener, drill, universal screwdriver, cutting line tool and can opener.

  • Key24 is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is not easy to damage, rust- and corrosion-resistant, and durable;

  • Lightweight and compact, Key24 is a multifunction external key weighing only 20 grams, so you can take it anywhere with you on your key ring.

Discover our offer on this multifunction product: Key24


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