Innovative Products: Our Top Picks

Innovative Products: Our Top Picks

Is this real life or science fiction? In recent years, one can’t help but notice that there are more technological revolutions, smart systems, and innovative products all the time.

According to the Global Innovation Survey, 80% of executives believe that disruptive innovations pose a near-term threat to their business model, with 84% stating that innovation is the best way to counteract this risk.

What are the three sources of innovation and innovative products?

Entrepreneurs worldwide are increasingly eager to offer innovative, novel products that make use of artificial intelligence, mobility, design, digital technologies, new concepts in customer experience, etc.

The inventions that are already reshaping our everyday lives, such as smart devices and mobile apps, come to us through three sources of innovation:

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  • Innovation through design: in order to create innovative customer experiences, innovation is based on modifications to existing designs and product packages. Coffee pods are one concrete example of innovation through design.

  • Innovation based on use: modifying the way a product or service is used. One current example is the smartphone, which is a telephone but is no longer used just for making calls.

  • Incremental innovation: making improvements to an existing product or service.

How can we define the concept of innovation?

The first step is to define “innovation” and related concepts, understanding why this matters so much to companies.

At an etymological level, “innovation” is a very old term; “innovacion” can be found in thirteenth-century French texts.

From a legal perspective, it referred to a “transformation of a former obligation by substitution of a new debtor for the prior one.” (Source: CNRTL.) The Latin root “innovatio” evokes the notion of “change, renewal.”

The concept of innovation in the legal and political sphere became more independent in the twentieth century thanks to the work of Joseph Schumpeter.

The Larousse dictionary defines the French word “innovation” as “the introduction in a product’s sale and/or production process, of a new method or piece of equipment.”

It is also “the set of processes that play out from the emergence of an idea through its realization (product launch), including market study, prototype development, and the early stages of production.”

If we take the dictionary definition as our starting point, we can easily see that the concept refers both to the product of a process (a new product or method of manufacture) and to the process itself—in other words, to the various steps that lead to something novel.


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A Closer Look at Our Innovative Waste Prevention and Safety Products

Innovative waste prevention and economic innovation product

Innovation in economics, environmentalism, and waste prevention solutions is constant due to year-on-year reductions in global water and energy resources and the quality of life.

The waste prevention innovation has led to products such as the energy-saving kettle, water capsules to prevent bottles from being wasted, waste prevention packaging (such as the toothpaste tube that makes it possible to use its full contents), thermoregulatory clothing, mini radiators that use little energy, etc.

Alphawarmer: the portable mini radiator for low-cost warmth

With winter approaching and energy savings being a high priority due to shortages, it is very advisable to seek out economical solutions that use little energy.

If your usual heating solution is no longer effective and it is increasingly expensive to get it working each winter, take a look at an innovative product: AlphaWarmer, the highly economical mini radiator.

This portable mini radiator is a very compact and powerful heating device that consumes far less energy than traditional heaters.

The secret to its effectiveness lies in Instaheat™ technology.

The mini radiator’s ceramic element stays warm 30% longer and therefore requires less energy to keep providing heat.

The fan inside the AlphaWarmer then takes in air through the warm ceramic element and distributes it evenly throughout the room.

It’s the economical solution for low-cost indoor heating.

This mini radiator includes a programmable timer, and you can adjust the temperature to your liking with the remote control.

It’s perfect for maintaining the right temperature in children’s bedrooms, for keeping a garage warm while you work in it, or for heating hotel rooms in winter.

AlphaWarmer: an energy-efficient mini electric radiator
AlphaWarmer, un mini radiateur peu énergivore en consommation électrique – Crédit photo :

AlphaWarmer, the improved ceramic induction mini radiator, is notable for its very low energy/electricity consumption.

These mini devices are designed for optimal performance with excellent energy efficiency.

All you need to do is plug it in and select your desired temperature.

This compact, portable device can be moved from room to room with ease, or you can order one for each room.

The remote control works at a distance of up to 30 feet.

Innovation in home security and personal protection

Ultra-secure smart locks, building entry cards, secured and portable alarms, and remote access control and monitoring thanks to digital and smart home technologies: these are among the great innovations of our century.

As our societies face an increase in crime and general safety concerns as a top issue, innovative products and inventions in the personal and property protection space are increasingly specialized.

FamilyGuard: protect your home and stay connected with your loved ones

FamilyGuard: remote monitoring via smartphone
FamilyGuard, surveillance à distance via smartphone – Crédit photo :

Using mobile and internet technology and high-res video monitoring, FamilyGuard is a low-cost device featuring a built-in fish-eye lens, enabling 360° panoramic monitoring; approximately 1,000 square feet can be covered.

It can easily connect via Wi-Fi to your smartphone for remote monitoring.

SafetyAlarm: a must-have security device for women

SafetyAlarm is the must-have self-defense weapon for women.

This pocket-sized device is a safety alarm that attracts attention in the case of an assault, attempted assault, or threatening advance.

It is shaped like a key chain, making it perfectly discreet, and fits easily in the pocket of your jacket or jeans.

SafetyAlarm: a highly effective alarm device
SafetyAlarm, un dispositif alarme très efficace – Crédit photo :

The main characteristics of SafetyAlarm:

  • One-step ease of use: This personal pocket alarm keeps you safe and is very easy to use.

  • You can activate it discreetly by pulling the pin. A piercing, 125 decibel sound and a flashing strobe light will alert others even at a distance.

  • Easy to carry: The design resembles a USB drive and includes a key chain hook for easy attachment anywhere.Hang the SafetyAlarm onto your bag, belt, or jacket. Make sure your SafetyAlarm device is always close at hand.

  • A safety solution for home and away from home: Such devices are commonly used by senior citizens to call for help in the event of a fall or if they feel unsafe or physically threatened. This innovative little safety alarm is an economical solution compared with alarm subscriptions.

  • Fast and effective: Emits a high-intensity LED (flashing strobe light) that is ideal in the dark, as well as a loud alarm (125 decibels, audible at a distance of 1000 feet).

  • Weather-resistant: SafetyAlarm is equipped with a CR2032 battery, highly durable and resistant to impacts and humidity.

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