How to Choose a Smart Security Camera

How to Choose a Smart Security Camera

Offering an alternative to traditional alarms and often expensive video monitoring systems, high-tech manufacturers launched a still-growing market: smart security cameras.

How do they work? What are the purposes and benefits of installing them in your home?

Take a look at our Shopping Innovations guide! What are the purposes and benefits of installing them in your home? Take a look at our Innovations Shopping guide!

Why choose a wireless security camera?

Smart, wireless security cameras are attracting more and more individual consumers, thanks to their discreet, elegant design that helps them blend into any environment with ease.

Unlike webcams, security or network cameras have an IP (Internet Protocol) address, so they can send live or pre-recorded data via Wi-Fi.

By using an IP address, these innovative products can view and send information on the monitored spaces to a dedicated mobile app.

The security camera sends the data, in image or video format, to your smartphone so you can monitor your home using your phone, tablet, or computer.

IP Camera Uses and Options

Before selecting an IP camera, make sure you know how you plan to use it so you’ll be able to find the best smart video security product for you. Security cameras offer a variety of options and are suited to different uses.

Ask yourself these important questions:

  • Do I want the benefit of 24/7 monitoring?

  • Which areas and surfaces do I want to monitor?

  • Do I want outstanding image quality and video options?

Home protection—in other words, guarding the home against intruders while you’re out of the house or away on vacation—is the top criterion that users seek.

However, many individuals install IP cameras to monitor their young children while they’re watched by a babysitter, see how their pets are doing when they’re home alone, or make sure the kids have returned home from school safely.

When live data transmission is activated, the user will be able to see and hear what is happening in the monitored area of the home, receiving images or videos on their smartphone.

Motion-detecting cameras record the images, and the user is quickly alerted with a notification through the app. If a home invasion is underway, the user can notify law enforcement immediately, even if the user is at work or is far from home.

The Main Criteria for an IP Camera

A discreet security camera is most effective

A wireless security camera with a well-made design, plain colors, and an innovative, ergonomic shape is a plus.

It will blend in with the environment requiring monitoring and a discreet design will go unnoticed.

Choose a compact camera made from a sturdy, protective material.

The camera casing will be less sensitive to temperature fluctuations and to dust, both of which can disrupt a camera’s operation.

An IP camera that offers good image quality

The quality of recorded and received images can vary from one model to another, but it is of the utmost importance when it comes to identifying intruders in your home.

To that end, some cameras use HD technology, like FamilyGuard  for high-definition image quality: up to 1.3 megapixels at 1280 x 960 resolution.

Choose a camera that offers good image quality in infrared light for better clarity of images taken in the dark.

A security camera with a wide-angle view

When choosing your wireless smart security camera, pay attention to the view angle: the wider the better! Some security cameras are equipped with a built-in fish-eye lens (360° wide-angle view).

The FamilyGuard Wi-Fi-connected security camera that we sell uses this technology to offer a 360° panoramic image, meaning that approximately 1,000 square feet can be monitored with just one camera.

FamilyGuard is equipped with a built-in fish-eye lens (360° wide-angle view)
FamilyGuard is equipped with a built-in fish-eye lens (360° wide-angle view) – Photo credit:

FamilyGuard’s Technological Specifications

FamilyGuard, an innovative remote monitoring product, offers these benefits in its technological design and use:

  • A built-in fish-eye lens offering 360° panoramic monitoring. Up to 1,000 square feet can be monitored with just one camera.

  • High-definition image quality: up to 1.3 megapixels at 1280 x 960 resolution.

  • The FamilyGuard camera can easily be connected via Wi-Fi to your smartphone for distance monitoring.

  • An elegant, discreet, compact design.

Take advantage of our current deal: 50% off and bulk pricing when you buy multiple FamilyGuard IP cameras!


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