Technologies and Innovations

Technological progress and innovation in 2022

Presentation Blue Manta International was established in 2014. Since then, the company has become a leading distributor that specializes in wellness products, medical devices, novelty items, and promotional/incentive products worldwide. Through one of our main divisions, Innovations Shopping is able to serve and supply some of the largest retail platforms and businesses in the world. […]

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News and Trends

Flagship Product: MoskitoPro, the Effective Anti-Mosquito Solution

With the elegant, discreet, effective MoskitoPro ultrasonic bracelet—the ultimate natural solution—you can leave chemical products and other insecticides behind and use ultrasound technology to drive mosquitos away instead. MoskitoPro uses an ultrasonic frequency to repel mosquitos and flies, offering many benefits to people and the planet alike! The low energy frequency is 100% harmless to humans, dogs, and […]

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